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Make Social Impact

We not aim to create a substantial environmental impact by ensuring quick shift towards clean energy, but also to create social impact in the lives of our partners.
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Create Ecosystem

Technology is the key enabler of all our services.
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Enable EVs Adoption

We work closely with startups, OEM’s, government bodies and other organizations to ensure that electric vehicles become the preferred option transportation.

Our Companies

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Micelio Fund is a clean mobility focused fund that invests patient capital into clean mobility technologies and business models. The fund looks for value and innovation rather than potential for quick growth and hence we philosophically refer it to as patient capital.
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Micelio Studio creates an ecosystem of clean mobility startups. It also owns expensive equipment and allows start-ups to them at significantly affordable costs to foster innovation.
Numeros Motors
Numeros Motors designs and manufactures electric vehicles that specifically cater to last mile logistics and commute use cases. We have started with electric 2 wheelers and intend to expand into Quads, Trikes and Aerial mobility solutions.
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Lightning Logistics is an EV – first last mile logistics company that partners with marquee clients in the e-Commerce, e-Grocery, food tech and FMCG space to deliver goods to their customers on electric vehicles.