Annual Membership Plans

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Plans Plan APlan BPlan C
Strategic Introductions24 per year (2 per month)48 per year (4 per month)60 per year (5 per month)
Micelio Events (Community Meetups, Workshops) 20% discount on each passes 2 complimentary passes
20% discount on each pass
5 complimentary passes
20% discount on each pass
Micelio Global Clean Mobility Summit Discount (Per pass)15%20%30%
Investor Introductions2 per year4 per yearUnlimited
Masterclass Course Discount (Per course)10%15%20%
Engineering Services________2% (T2 and T3 bundle)2% (T2 and T3 bundle)
Product Demo Pods Discount (GCMS)10%20%30%
Annual Subscription Fee₹25,000₹35,000₹50,000
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* One pass accounts for an individual entry

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