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The Hindu     3 min read

Micelio Mobility to deploy entire corpus fund in 4-5 years

Bengaluru-based clean mobility start-up Micelio Mobility plans to complete the deployment of the ₹150 crore ($20 million) fund in the next 4-5 years through its investing arm, Micelio Fund.

Outlook Start-Up     5 min read

Micelio Mobility unveils its plans to drive India’s much-needed transition to clean mobility

Micelio Mobility’s founder, Shreyas Shibulal, is trying to lead the charge toward sustainable urbanization and rural development through clean mobility initiatives

Digi Times Asia     5 min read

Indian startup Micelio Mobility enables global-local EV collaboration

Partnerships are an integral part of building an EV ecosystem, something that India is developing at a rapid pace. But it's not always easy for global companies to collaborate with Indian counterparts.

The Better India     5 min read

How One Man’s Startup Is Investing Rs 150 Crore to Boost India’s EV Infrastructure

Bengaluru-based Shreyas Shibulal founded Micelio Mobility in 2019, which enables innovation in clean energy and a thriving environment-friendly mobility ecosystem.

Your Story     5 min read

How Shreyas Shibulal is enlarging the scope of EV ecosystem in India

The electric vehicles (EV) industry in India is on top gear with new product launches, newer startups, and established automotive companies getting into this segment. Given this environment, Shreyas Shibulal, founder of Micelio Mobility, a clean mobility startup, wants to accelerate EV adoption in the country through a multi-pronged approach, which includes investing in these startups, setting up R&D, and provide EVs directly to early adopters.

Economic Times     3 min read

e-TRNL Energy to raise INR 7.5 cr pre-seed round led by Speciale Invest to build safe, efficient batteries

The company has developed advanced battery technology which is safe, withstands the harsh conditions of electric mobility especially in the Indian climate, and still provides value-add with fast charging and cost efficiency.